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Freelancing is a great way to make huge money and live an amazing life, but people at the beginning do the following mistakes, know "WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST MISTAKES FREELANCERS MAKE? Strategies For Beginners"


1. Beginners do not take it Seriously:

Freelancing is very similar to other jobs, but the only difference here is, Flexible schedule of your job. You may be paid hourly or project basis but it requires sheer focus and being on time for delivery of your client's project!

DO NOT CONSIDER IT AS HOBBY, it has an easy potential to become main career choice and with growing demand and increasing competition, Many already predict - FREELANCING is a new career!


2. Don't lose Discipline & Devotion:

You are the star of your own Highway! It's your choice to dream to drive Ferrari or Hummer or Bicycle.

Working from home is rewarding only for those who are disciplined and devoted. No boss doesn't mean zero control. You are the boss of your own work and you need to monitor it yourself to stand up to the expectation of your client and have easy work next time.

Your work review decides the next client deal. Be Disciplined & Devoted.


3. Don't Ignore Project Detail (Read & Listen client's requirement):

Freelancers, in order to get a project quickly, easily ignores the project detail or don't listen properly to the client's requirement. The project is the client's dream, You ruin them, they will leave no chance or traces of ruining you. Make sure, you listen properly and take the order accordingly.


4. Don't Undercharge (It will be painful for you):

Beginners very easily charge low for work and once the project is allocated, they start ruining them from day one. DON'T DO IT, it's not worth. provides many ways to make money online, but don't undercharge any project and ruin it. At, we care for each talent, we nourish them and provide many ways to make money online and not sleep hungry any day!


5. Do you say "Yes" always?

Freelancers in order to get more and more work, very easily say "yes" to all projects, even though, when they may not be skilled enough to pursue the project. Don't do it.

Build a habit of saying "No", it's ok to say no, and prepare yourself for specified "niche" and build your career for it.

Example of being specialized is like - "Logo Designing", "Mobile UI designing", "Web UI designing" - these are 3 different fields, don't try to pretend to be master of all. Be Master of One, it's worth it down the line a few months.


6. Don't re-invent the wheel:

Save time and use already available library, rather than re-inventing the wheel! Few examples of a freelancer trying to re-invent the wheel:

- Asking the client to build custom CMS, when CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla already exists.

- Asking the client to build a custom e-commerce store, when open source codes are available like - Opencart, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.,

Don't do the above activities, it will kill you and end project will never be appreciated by the client, until unless, it was worth doing it. Focus on maximizing your ability to improve and build a greater product for your client using available libraries.


7. Expect Revisions by Client:

People always love, what they do but you need to understand, the worth is not in the creator's eyes but is in the user's eye, who will be using it. So, when you deliver the product or order, expect Revision by the client and prepare yourself for changes!


8. Don't avoid Communication:

Avoiding communication can be frustrating for both. The client may request small changes or share some points, that could be useful for work. Always be attentive and look for the client's messages. 

When not clear, communicate with the client easily and openly without embarrassment or fear. The client loves frank nature, be the one.


9. Important: Be Positive & Polite:

Freelancing requires you to remain polite to all the clients. The overburden may increase stress and create unfriendly behavior. Avoid them at all costs.

Learn to keep your self-polite and positive throughout the communication and work. Don't overburden yourself, take a break, relax your self and come back with a fresh and energetic mind for work. is an awesome professional network and our platform cares for each one of you. Do not forget to connect with other members. Build long-lasting relationships among each other and grow your self together! wishes you all the best!

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